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Ethical Charter

FIX draws the Freelancers’ attention to the fact that the loading of erroneous and / or falsified information erodes the credibility of the platform and consequently penalizes the whole community.
FIX draws the Clients’ attention (company / funds / developer / banks / insurance / NGOs / public entities / etc.) to the fact that the loading of missions, which emanate from posted projects, without foundations and without realities erodes the credibility of the platform and consequently penalizes the other Clients. With regard to the profile search, in the context of a call for bids or an expression of interest, FIX requests that the framework be clearly specified so as not to generate an unfounded wait expectation. A client, who approves the present charter, agrees not to use a Freelancer’s resume without his/her previous formal agreement.

Quality of information
Freelancers and Customers who register on FIX solemnly commit to the veracity of information posted on the FIX platform. It is a question of respect for our professions and the credibility of all information on FIX. In order to preserve the quality of information, FIX reserves the right to check up on its own initiative or at the third party’s initiative. By accepting this document, Freelancers and Customers accept this right to check and verify information. After verification, in case of any clarification e mail remaining unanswered within 8 (eight) days, FIX reserves the right to terminate the Customer''s registration or delete the profile of a Freelancer. FIX cannot be held responsible for false or falsified information that anyone might post on the platform.

Prevention of conflict of interest
It is up to the Client and the Freelancer, to ensure that missions do not present a conflict of interest for one or the other and that they do not contravene the applicable laws. Freelancers must ensure that their interventions are compatible with current employers if this is the case.
Freelancers agree they will not take advantage of a mission to market and / or promote their own services or those of the company to which they belong or of which they are employees, without having made the a written request in advance to the Customer 'owner' of said mission. Likewise, during the mission, they agree not to solicit the client(s) of their FIX Direct Client, without prior written consent, for any reason whatsoever.

FIX will not be held liable in the event of damages, whatever their nature, suffered by the Customer, the Freelancer or a third party in connection to the conclusion or execution of the services contract concluded between the Customer and the Freelancer in the context of carrying out the mission.
In addition, FIX cannot be held responsible in case of :
- anomalies, errors or bugs of information, products, services or software provided on the platform;
- interruption or failure of the platform;
- compatibility of the platform with a particular hardware or configuration;
- indirect and / or material, foreseeable or unforeseeable damages arising from the provision and / or use or the complete or partial inability to use the services provided on the platform;
- forwarding to hypertext links.

Your relationship with FIX
Therefore, as FIX is a provider of matching technology, the Freelancer and the Customer acknowledge that the offer of this technology for the purpose of carrying out the assignment is not likely to create any working relationship between FIX and the Freelancer (including in the field of labor law, tax law or social security law).
In the same way and unless otherwise agreed, Freelancers recognize that in the event of a successful relationship with a Client, this relationship will not be considered as a working relationship but as a direct commercial relationship between the Client and the Freelancer.
The Customer and the Freelancer obviously remain free to define the nature and extent of their contractual relationship. Never at any time shall FIX be held accountable, for the aforementioned, the latter being a third party to the contract concluded between the Client and the Freelancer.

FIX agrees to protect any information entrusted by Freelancers and by Clients. FIX undertakes to keep any information confidential relating to the projects posted by Clients and specifications when requesting a Team Pre-selection and to the Clients’ identity on whose behalf it was made. More generally, FIX undertakes to respect the confidentiality of any information to which it might have access, in any way whatsoever, as part of a service provided for a Client.
The confidentiality of the important information related to the missions and those related to the companies involved in the projects that are the subject of a mission, is the business of Freelancers and a Client who employs them. By accepting to use the FIX platform, registered Clients and Freelancers agree that their email and phone numbers be accessible to each other.