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fix is a matchmaking platform design to connect companies working in Engineering, Construction, Operation and Finance with freelancers (specialized technicians, engineers, developers, financiers, trainers) for international projects (mainly Africa and Europe) .
An algorithm matches the best profiles with the characteristics of the projects / missions posted.


The Business Model is simple: Subscriptions for companies and Freemium for the freelancers

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"Pascal, Olivier and I, we cumulate more than 100 years in engineering & construction. We believe in freelancing, we believe in an engineer worldwide community able to intervene everywhere"

Maxence Mirabeau / Fondateur

The water international division of SUEZ takes a 1 year subscription on FIX ! Great, we will go around the world with them. If you are a freelancer in the wter sector, join us, there will be great opportunities !

Lot's of new companies took recently membership: Altereo, ISL, BG (Switzerland), Eras and others

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To each sector
his dedicated space

You are :
Freelance / Independent / Expert

and Looking for new job opportunities?

Specialized technicians, engineers, developers, financiers, trainers, to find missions and projects tailored to your skills and your experience, FIX allows you to:

  • To create your free profilewith a high "business and projects" value
  • To be visible and quickly accessible via different search modes
  • To benefit from a real toolbox for your business needs
  • To make the most of a Premium membership to be the first to receive alerts for projects that suit you
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You are :
Company / Bank
une Insurance / NGOs / Client

and You're struggling to complete your teams ?

Companies, funds, developers, banks, builders, to find the freelancers that you are need for your international missions, FIX  allows you to:


  • To access to 4 levels of profil search to find the right people and save their profils
  • To post projects and automatically launch a search algorithm of the best profiles
  • To subcontract to FIX the complete building of a team and to find local expertise



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The added values of

  • Free development of a showcase of your skills, your projects and your experience
  • Free, direct and fast visibility for your future clients
  • Direct contact with the company without any intermediary in the negotiation of the mission
  • Auto Cue for projects that meet your profile with (premium membership)


  • FOR YOU 
  • FUNDS,
  • BANKS,
  • No commission on missions:
    save 30% on your external resources
  • Time savings for project managers thanks to an easy access to thousands of independent profils from your business sector (in addition to the resume, reference letters and skills measures)
  • Contact with export specialists by geographic area (including local engineers)
  • Mitigate risks to engage to the International
  • Ease of access to the platform: website and application on mobile and tablet
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